The quality of upholstery work is determined by three factors: frame construction, fabric and the skill and expertise of the craftsman.

Quality of Frame Construction
The type of material used in the construction of the frame, the padding and the cushions contribute to the overall quality of the upholstered item. High quality upholstered furniture, even though it is old, is often times better made than much of the new furniture available today. These older pieces were made to last and to be reworked.

Fabric Quality
The quality of the fabric sets the tone of the piece. At Danlin, we provide a wide assortment of fine quality fabrics in different styles, textures, and colors. Our fabrics are available in our fabric display showroom or at designated Merchandise Mart showrooms.

Skill and Expertise
Our Master Upholsterers have extensive experience with all types of fabrics and their foundation materials. We can rebuild your pieces to stylish comfort, create that perfect piece from new frames, or we can restore your treasured family heirloom.  Our skilled Conservators can help you to accomplish the desired look you want.