Over time, most furniture will need repair: extended use over time, accidents, and the natural characteristics of the wood can combine to cause structural weakness, as well as cosmetic damage. Other common repair issues can occur when glue joints loosen, parts go missing, wood develop splits, or working parts get broken. Even with the most well-constructed pieces, at some point in time, maintenance will be required.

The skill of the repairer can make the difference between just addressing a repair problem, and restoring your furniture to its’ original functionality and beauty. A skilled Furniture repairer is required to have both the talent and skill to perform the repair, as well as have an understanding of the artistry involved with the original piece.

Whether wood and metal need to be replaced, or pieces simply need to be re-glued, this exacting attention to detail can make the difference that return to your furniture’s original beauty. At Danlin, the combined experiences of our many master craftsmen provide the expertise that can return your old furniture to new life