Finishing and refinishing services have been provided by Danlin for over 50 years, serving Chicago and the Chicago area.  Properly done, coatings on wood surfaces provide protection and enhance the natural beauty of the wood.  The technical aspects of wood finishing will protect the wood from dirt and spills by establishing a barrier.  This barrier reduces dimensional changes associated with variations in humidity and temperature.  The artistic aspects of finishing are to beautify the grain, color, and texture of the wood itself.

The expert staff at Danlin can match natural or stained wood hues and tones for new pieces, as well as return pieces to their original appearance.  Our finishes are known for their silky smoothness.  This smoothness is the result of the meticulous sanding and rubbing done to each piece, between each of the multiple coats that are applied.  The result is a deep finished depth that truly protects and enhances the beauty of the wood.

Professional wood finishing is an art form.  Our artistic finishers are highly skilled craftsmen, with proficiency in highlighting and subtle shading techniques that gracefully enhance the elegance of the piece’s ornament and design.

We offer a range of finishes that can be used.  These include the traditional high quality lacquers, as well as tougher and more water resistant catalyzed lacquers and conversion varnishes. These latter finishes are generally utilized for commercial or residential “hard use” situations as required for bars, conference tables, family dining surfaces, or kitchen cabinets.

We also provide finishes in waterbased and waterbourne products, that are Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) or No VOC .  Please let us know if you have specific sensitivities to certain types of chemicals so that we may accommodate your needs.