Custom Cabinet Work

Custom built cabinets and furniture can be the most appropriate choice if you have special requirements. Some clients have specific space or height requirements, or need a special piece that will complement existing pieces. Custom pieces are one of a kind, and therefore consigned as one would do with a piece of artwork.

Danlin Furniture Conservators has worked to create beautiful and durable furniture to meet specifications for both residential and commercial use.  Often we work with Interior Decorators and Designers, as well as Individuals, developing a customized and personalized design in the woods and finishes of their choice.  This provides our customers with pieces that are truly distinctive and unique.  The cost of custom pieces is very competitive with most designer furniture.

There is an obvious advantage of dealing directly with producers, including avoiding showroom mark-ups, and avoiding often long delays associated with factory special orders. We also work with customers who only want solid wood and environmentally safe finishes.

Below are examples of pieces that we have made for other satisfied individuals!

This first piece is a Server Table with glass shelf inserts, made from Honduras mahogany. (36″H x 60″L x 16″W)  The finish is a Semi-gloss lacquer over black stain with gold stripping.


This is the right corner view of computer desk (30″H x 63.5″L x 24″W) in quarter sawn White Oak with brown stained satin lacquer finish.


This is the inside view of above computer desk with component shelves, middle keyboard drop-front drawer and right hand storage drawer.


This piece was a custom carved Dining Table made of English Oak (Quercus robur). (30″H x 84″L x 56″W). The top is made of two bookmatched boards, and is shown prior to finishing.